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About Bakong Technical College

Bakong Technical College (BTC) was founded in June of 2009 by Ranachith “Ronnie” Yimsut, a Khmerican native son of Siem Reap Angkor.

BTC is an experienced NGO with the backing and support of many passionate and extraordinary people. We also have a direct and vested interest in various economically depressed local communities. We have a number of socially conscious projects already in place, designed to improve the economic health and well being of a limited number of rural communities.

BTC Bakong Technical College Cambodia #008

A diverse BTC School Board to guide the planning, design, and program development.

Five experienced Academic Advisors (Ph-d in various educational fields) to guide the BTC academic program.  Developing an ecotourism ‘Center of Excellence’ to spread best practices of small enterprises and encourage their use and replication.  An extensive technical curriculum in conservation, green design, ecotourism, hospitality, small business administration, foreign languages, and computer literacy.

One year or two year study programs with concurrent enrollment of 300 students.
Scholarships, grants, student loans, and work-study experience as a big part of this innovative program.

The heart and soul of Bakong Technical College (BTC) is education and economic empowerment of local communities, specifically targeting local n through a self help and self sustainability concept.

Bakong Technical College’s primary mission is to change the ‘status quo’ and alter the course of the lives and livelihood of the poorest of the poor through quality education with an innovative ‘trickle up’ process.

BTC envisions a socially and environmentally responsible school, a technical college, devoted to the development and preservation of rural Cambodia in the field of green design, environmental conservation and both cultural and ecological tourism.

Quality education is essential in developing economies and sustainable land management practices. Working with local and international partners, Bakong Technical College shall educate and employ women and men throughout the Bakong District to help build self-sustaining villages.

BTC programs shall work with local villages to develop innovative farming techniques, establish viable eco-tourism projects, which are equitable and sustainable for local economies, and protect the environment-including social, cultural, and natural. Secondary education opportunities shall be available to help build a new generation of responsible and caring community leaders and educators.

What we Do


Current programs, such as Micro-lending and Cow Bank projects, designed to assist and support the rural poor, have proven to be both innovative and effective in helping the poorest of the poor improve their economic vitality and sustainability through self help methodology.

As needed with any project of this nature, BTC has worked long and hard to establish resource networks and to maintain good working relationships while building bridges of understanding and rapport with local government officials. We have also developed the ability to work directly with local communities and community leaders and with partners, and volunteers. In short, we have established and built a solid foundation for sustainable and successful future projects, including BETC.

Classes at BTC

  • Tourism and Business English

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Korean.

  • Several Levels of Computer and IT Courses.

Our Services

  • Vocational And Technical School

  • Culinary Arts School

  • Internet Cafe

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